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Should you make the switch to natural make-up Just like any other subject there are great debates from manufacturers and dermatologists on both sides of this topic. Dr. Roberta Palestine, who did her schooling at the Mayo Clinic in dermatology said, "Organic isn't always the best. Manufactured isn't always worse. Poison Sumac is organic, but that certainly does not make it goodPoison Sumac are terrible to put on your faceā€¦a chemical is a chemical, what is important is the skin type." There are so many different cosmetic choices because there are so many different skin types, if you spend the time you can find one that fits your skin.

It is very important to use the new makeup and only the new cosmetics when switching to natural products. The skin needs a certain period of time before it can transition, and this will only work if it has only applications from the new natural makeup. By doing this, the skin only has to undergo the adjustment phase a single time. If consumers are thinking about making the change, it is important to consider what's inside a product that claims to be all natural. Do a little research before trying out a new beauty product line to see if it is a reputable company that uses high quality ingredients and backs the products they produce. So should you make the switch? It's an issue of personal choice but if you think the products you now use are possibly harming your skin, at least consider it. With new advancements in cosmetics, women that have allergies now have an option of purchasing hypoallergenic makeup that is easy on the face. There is no real medical definition for the word hypoallergenic, because doctors aren't sure what products actually reduce allergies. So are natural make-up products all that they are cracked up to be? A brief look at the ingredients list will tell the user what the main ingredients are on a product because they are listed in order of volume ratio. Often, the ingredients will be listed on the box the make-up came in.

Most females use the same makeup everyday when they go into public. This can cause dryand itchy skin that most women aren't aware of. Women who wear a foundation make-up to smooth out the skin tone on their faces will dry out and aggravate their skin so each time is a little worse. Women with delicate skin should avoid products with fragrances, mineral oil, formaldehyde, and alcohol. These chemicals will all dry out the skin and cause aggravation.

Guthy Renker Corporation

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