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Struggling to Eliminate the Cellulite? Do Exercise

Cellulite is a fat deposit that is uneven in shape and is commonly found on the legs, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. It is fat that has transported itself to the skin surface by hooking to the connective tissue. Cellulite mostly appears on women and is commonly described as an orange peel or cottage cheese.It is commonly described as an orange peel, mattress, or cottage cheese that most frequently appears on women. Every once in a while men will get it, but 90 to 98% of cellulite occurs in women. First named cellulitis, it was described by the french over 150 years in the past. A lot of scientists these days call it the so-called cellulite and don't recognize it as a skin condition. But why is it so hard to do away with if it is not a skin condition? The key may be different than what you believe.

Many women are affected by cellulite. It occurs when the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the epidermis develop unevenly and give the skin a textured look. The connective tissue that acts as the structure for the skin is known as collagen. Expanding and pulling are enabled by the elastic tissues found in the collagen. Slender women can get cellulite, but larger women will commonly have a more apparent occurence. Genetic make-up is the key factor when determining skin structure.

When women age to 30, their skin reaches the maximum thickness that it will get and is more susceptible to extra fat cells sticking out from the skin. This susceptibility increases when women do not exercise and have bad diets. 20-25% body fat, with a lot of that stored on the thighs and butt, is the regular range of body fat for a healthy lady. When women drop weight, the adipose cells do not alter in structure and leave cellulite formation even with a significant drop in pounds. Doctors recommend a healthy diet and routine exercise to lose weight gradually to avoid this. Crash diets and rapid weight loss may make someone lose too much weight too fast and lead to an even more obvious case of cellulite.

The actual way to eliminate the cellulite is nutrition and cardiovascular activity. A lower calorie diet to reduce the excess body fat is a step women who want to remove the cellulite should take. A scheduled weight resistance and cardiovascular exercise routine of around 3-5 times weekly will greatly lower excess body fat. Women should pick activities that are fun and offer cardiovascular benefits like swimming, jogging, or cycling. Weight resistance training is essential because the layer of skin that has cellulite lies on top of the muscles. Healthy muscles are less vulnerable to the lumpy look of cellulite.

Cellulite is found in in women in all lands and in every race. There are thousands of different products that claim to smooth out the skin and eliminate the bumpiness, but none seem to have any kind of lasting effect on the epidermal appearance. A temporary reduction of girth in the thigh region is the end result of some of these products. Liposuction is not recommended because it can make the uneven skin appearance even more apparent after the operation. Another method that can move the fat cells around but does little good in removing cellulite are the epidermal massaging treatments or Endermology.

Your standard extra body fat varies somewhat from cellulite. Women who have experienced cellulite or are going through it right now may be tempted to try one of the hundreds of different products, but remember they have no proven long term efficiency. Tests show that female athletes with a low ratio of excess fat are the least likely to have difficulties with cellulite. A reduced calorie diet and regular working out are going to be your best chance when it comes to eliminating the lumpiness.

Guthy Renker Corporation

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