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How to Stay Beautiful

Most doctors advise regularly following a daily skin care regimen. Such a routine does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. It can be performed by itself or as preparation for more progressive skin care methods.

Advanced Solutions

For best skin care results, the basic routine is usually insufficient, especially for people over 30. The addition of a well-selected product or 2 with wisely chosen, scientifically proven active ingredients will further improve the outcome. For secondary products to work well with your regimen you must use them properly. For example if you try and use the secondary treatment without proper cleansing, it will not be 100% effective because it will not work past the oil and dirt on the skin. The over use of the cleansers can also reduce the outcome of the medication, so be sure to do the research prior to mixing treatments.

Find The Best Regimens for you

The steps of the basic routine should be adjusted to fit your skin type. You should remember that your skin type can change with the season, diet and age. In particular, the skin tends to be oilier in the summer and drier in the winter. Menopause can bring about a change from oily or normal to dry skin. Also, a shift from a low-fat diet to that rich in certain fats (particularly essential fatty acids) may turn dry skin to normal. Skin pigmentation affects the degree to which you need sun protection. While UV rays damages any skin, the damage is far less in dark-skinned people. Conversely, light skinned people need to be more particular about sun protection, i.e. minimizing sun exposure, choosing an the right sunscreen and applying it the correct way.

Ideal Programs

The best daily routine for skin care would require washing, toning, moisturizing, protection from the sun light.

One of the most important parts of the regimen can be preservation from the UV rays, sun block should be used as the final step any day there will be exposure to the sun. Some people use cosmetics with added UV blockers. It is always better than no sun protection at all and it can save time. However, using a single, specially formulated sunblock appears to be more effective.

The bulk of patients have the best luck with two times daily skin care, however for people with sensitive or dry skin it can be best to use the method only once while moisturizing more frequently. Most doctors feel that the regimen should incorporate exfoliation, but not in excess. Exfoliation once or twice a week is usually sufficient. People with fast natural epidermal turnover may need less or none at all.

You want to add secondary products between cleaning and moisturizing while the face is almost dry to help get the maximum results.. Most of the active treatments contain some type of moisturizing compound so the need for extra moisturizer is minimal. If it is required wait for the other products to work before adding anything.

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