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Why do Adults Have Acne?

Acne is a common skin disorder that plagues millions worldwide. If you are an adult female, here are some tips on reducing acne outbreaks.

All the women who have a skin condition know how hard it can be to go without any good cures. Remember, you aren't the only one. Millions of women worldwide who have long since past their teenage years now continue to go through the trials of adult acne today. If you are a female who feels that all is lost, know that regardless of your situation, there is an acne cure available for your face.

One choice is a very Potent prescription medication concentrated from vitamin A., a very strong nutrient used to help the skin stay strong and restored.. Accutane helps slows the production of sebum and maintains the well-being of important cells. Hair follicles become clogged when there is an over production of sebum. Accutane is a very useful product for acne care, but has some side effects. It should only be used if all safe treatments have been exhausted.

Some turn to the use of birth control medication for acne treatment by way of hormone adjustment. They are not always totally effective in clearing up blemishes and at times must be used in combination with other forms of treatment. As always it is best to talk to a physician before using any type of acne treatment. Always follow all regulations on treatments to avoid complications.

If you are suffering from major imbalances you should see a doctor for hormone adjustments. A doctor will can identify the problem if it if hormone related. Hormone treatments can be effective against even the most brutal cases of acne found in females. The treatment forbids the androgens from stimulating the oil glands, thus cutting down on excessive oil that can cause clogged pores and hair follicles. Normally testing and medication is required for a hormone treatment, so it must be administered by a dermatologist. They can be very effective treatments, however, even to the point of stopping the acne before it even occurs.

Over the counter acne treatments such as Proactive solution are very common in local drug stores, and can be work well when treating mild cases of acne. Most of the OTC treatments contain an antibacterial cleaning combination of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Most of these tend to be less expensive and very effective with mild skin conditions.

Due to the the various hormonal changed females have, women are more likely to suffer from skin conditions. Acne is sometimes caused by the hormone testosterone, which is produced when the body has abnormal androgen levels.

Remember, whatever level of acne a woman has can be cured and helped. The first step in acne prevention is to consult a doctor or dermatologist. If you are ready for beautiful skin, it is always possible with some effort and care.

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