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June 04, 2006

Playing Hard

I found myself wondering why I was so tired tonight, and then it occurred to me that the reason may be that since getting off work Friday, I've been to Los Arrieros, Teaism, The Sackler, The Hirschorn, Teaism, Idle Time, REI, Obrycki's, Washington National, Great Falls, Vace, with assorted minor stops along the way.

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Second Opinions

Ted Frank has a significantly-less-kind review of Jeremy Blachman's Anonymous Lawyer (which I discussed here). I think Ted has a lot of sound observations, and in particular I agree that the book's true genre is not satire of the life of a hiring partner but rather satire of what summer associates and 1-Ls imagine the life of a hiring partner to be. Since I have never worked at a law firm in any capacity other than summer associate, I suspect this bothered me a great deal less.

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