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The Medical Perks of Permanent Makeup

Many people suffer from makeup related allergies. This process is an opportunity to solve that problem permanently, but it is important to consult with a professional about possible complications. Usually the pigments are less toxic than using conventional cosmetics every day. For some the simple task of applying makeup can be a huge task. Certain conditions like arthritis can cause this to be extremely difficult, so the ability to wake up everyday and do nothing is a great relief. Some patients for whatever reason have scaring from acne or accidents on their faces. The best way to minimize the appearance of these are to get cosmetic camouflaging. This procedure involves a time consuming imperfect process of recreating the skin to resemble the appearance of the skin previous to any flaws.

The art and science of permanent makeup can be called different names: intradermal cosmetics, permanent cosmetics, derma pigmentation. As the operation associated with permanent makeup become more main stream people become more aware of the great things that can come from it, especially for people that have from illness, disease, injury or scarring. Permanent make up is now more and more valuable because of new clients as well as news about the great benefits of permanent makeup. Not all skin conditions can be repaired, but permanent makeup used along with some plastic surgery can greatly diminish the effects of some problems.

It is advised that the permanent makeup physician inquire into a client's medical history. For various medical related problems the professional should approve the procedure. The absolute most important part of the procedure is the healing time. Some of the most common medical problems that warrant permanent makeup are cancer patients experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy and areola repigmentation due to breast reconstruction. It is preferable to have permanent makeup applied before chemotherapy or in the early stages of it to reduce stress and help healing. This procedure is also commonly used to benefit patients with problems causing the skin to be lack color, as well as disorders causing the plucking of hair. Permanent makeup will also help Hypothyroid patients who have thinning eyebrows. Individuals who have recently had cosmetic surgery need to wait until their physician has determined they are healed, this can take six months or more, but patience will help prevent infection. Any potential patient with medical conditions that could possibly create complications should be sure to do some research before thinking about this procedure.

According to the Third Edition of Medical Issues for Permanent Cosmetic Technicians published by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals permanent makeup experts are part of a new and exciting trend in the aesthetic medical arena. Doctors are now joining up with micropigmentationprofessionals. At times physicians recommend permanent makeup to compliment other cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or a face lift, but it also helps the patient feel better about themselves and the way they look during or after a difficult illness or injury. A very well trained permanent makeup artist will be able to make a persons makeup match the size,color, and structure of their face to help the appearance after extensive surgery.

Guthy Renker Corporation

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