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A skin condition that many people suffer from is acne. Here is some information that will be helpful for women in the fight against acne.

If you are an adult woman who has acne outbreaks, you have probably often felt frustrated or embarrassed by this condition. Rest assured; you are not alone. Millions of women worldwide who have long since past their teenage years now continue to go through the trials of adult acne today. If you are a female who feels that all is lost, know that in any situation, there is an acne treatment available for you.

If you are suffering from major imbalances you should see a doctor for hormone adjustments. If hormonal imbalance is the source of your acne, a doctor can help identify the problems. Hormone treatments can be effective against even the worst cases of acne found in females. Hormone Treatments help stop the hair follicles from being filled with oil by reducing the stimulation from androgens. A blood test and often a prescription for oral medication are involved with hormone treatments, so it is only available through a doctor. In some cases these treatments can work so well that the acne will disappear almost before it starts.

Some turn to the use of birth control pills for acne treatment by way of hormone adjustment. This method is not always the most effective, but can be used along with other types of medication. As always it is best to ask a physician before using any type of skin care medication. Always follow all regulations on treatments to avoid complications.

Women go through hormonal changes multiple times in their lives. If you are suffering from a recent acne outbreak, it may be because of hormone changes going on in your body.. When the body has a raised androgen levels, the hormone known as testosterone, can cause acne outbreaks in the female body.

One route is a prescribed medication named Accutane. It's a concentrated form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an effective nutrient that strengthens the protective tissues in the skin. Accutane helps slows the production of sebum and maintains the well-being of important cells. When the body produces too much sebum, the pores can become clogged. Accutane should be used when other treatments have been tried and failed because it has some side effects such as possible difficulties during pregnancy or birth defects.

For mild cases, many over-the-counter products are available such as Clearasil or Proactiv solution. Most of the OTC treatments consist of an antibacterial cleaning combination of salicylic acid & benzoyl peroxide. Most of OTC treatments tend to be less expensive and very effective with mild acne.

Remember, whatever type of acne a woman has can be cured and helped. The first step in acne prevention is to consult a doctor or dermatologist. If you are ready for beautiful skin, it is very attainable with some effort and care.

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