Proactiv Solution

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Proactiv Solution is an advanced, easy-to-use Combination Therapy system created by dermatologists to help your skin heal acne that you have now and stops new blemishes from forming - in 3 simple steps. It uses prescription-strength ingredients that combine to make a powerful cleanser that heals and prevents acne. Proactiv Solution was developed by Stanford-trained dermatologists who discovered the unique system s powerful acne fighting agents found in finely milled benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and other gentle, yet effective cleaners. These ingredients combine to unclog your pores, destroy bacteria that cause acne, soothe inflammation, and gently exfoliate your skin-leaving it beautiful and smooth.

Millions of people around the world have already discovered Proactiv Solution including high profile celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, and Lindsay Lohan. They have all benefited from the effective ingredients in Proactiv Solution and now you can too! Join the millions who have beautiful, movie star-quality skin!
Proactive Solution Basic 3 Piece System

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Proactive Solution Basic System + Oil Free Moisture

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Proactive Solution Basic System + Oil Control Only

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Proactive Solution Basic System + Oil Free Moisture + Oil Control

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